In addition, the GSA schedule contracting office issues Federal Supply Schedules publications that contain a general overview of the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) program and address pertinent topics. Copies of GSA Form 457 may also be obtained from the above-referenced points of contact.

Ordering activities may request copies of schedules publications by contacting the Centralized Mailing List Service through the Internet at submitting written e-mail requests to [email protected]; or by completing GSA Form 457, FSS Publications Mailing List Application, and mailing it to the GSA Centralized Mailing List Service (7SM), P. (c)(1) GSA offers an on-line shopping service called “GSA Advantage!

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Unless otherwise noted, special ordering procedures established for a Federal Supply Schedule take precedence over the procedures in 8.405. 1103 note), for requirements that substantially or to a dominant extent specify performance of architect-engineer services (as defined in 2.101), agencies— (1) Shall use the procedures at subpart 36.6; and (2) Shall not place orders for such requirements under a Federal Supply Schedule. Parts 13 (except 13.303-2(c)(3)), 14, 15, and 19 (except for the requirement at 19.202-1(e)(1)(iii)) do not apply to BPAs or orders placed against Federal Supply Schedules contracts (but see 8.405-5).

(c) In accordance with section 1427(b) of Public Law 108-136 (40 U. BPAs and orders placed against a MAS, using the procedures in this subpart, are considered to be issued using full and open competition (see 6.102(d)(3)).

“Multiple Award Schedule (MAS)” means contracts awarded by GSA or the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for similar or comparable supplies, or services, established with more than one supplier, at varying prices. Indefinite delivery contracts are awarded to provide supplies and services at stated prices for given periods of time.

The primary statutory authorities for the MAS program are 41 U. GSA may delegate certain responsibilities to other agencies (GSA has delegated authority to the VA to procure medical supplies under the VA Federal Supply Schedules program).

” through which ordering activities may place orders against Schedules. to place orders through GSA’s Global Supply System, a GSA wholesale supply source, formerly known as “GSA Stock” or the “Customer Supply Center.” FAR subpart 8.4 is not applicable to orders placed through the GSA Global Supply System.) Ordering activities may access GSA Advantage!

through the GSA Federal Supply Service Home Page ( or the GSA Federal Supply Schedule Home Page at enables ordering activities to search specific information (national stock number, part number, common name), review delivery options, place orders directly with Schedule contractors (except see 8.405-6) and pay for orders using the Governmentwide commercial purchase card.

Therefore, when establishing a BPA (as authorized by 13.303-2(c)(3)), or placing orders under Federal Supply Schedule contracts using the procedures of 8.405, ordering activities shall not seek competition outside of the Federal Supply Schedules or synopsize the requirement; but see paragraph (g) of this section.

(b)(1) The contracting officer, when placing an order or establishing a BPA, is responsible for applying the regulatory and statutory requirements applicable to the agency for which the order is placed or the BPA is established.

As used in this subpart— “Ordering activity” means an activity that is authorized to place orders, or establish blanket purchase agreements (BPA), against the General Services Administration’s (GSA) Multiple Award Schedule contracts. (a) The Federal Supply Schedule program is also known as the GSA Schedules Program or the Multiple Award Schedule Program.