It projects well for the first hour, then it sticks close to the skin. Love the peppery green opening as well as it dry down is similar to Le Male but the cardomin is more intense Não recomendo nem um pouco comprar esse perfume no escuro, em mim ficou com cheiro de vestiário masculino sujo. tidak ada lagi notes sexy yg selama ini menjadi trademark sexy men... and to those who click this as a "heavy scent" i really don't understand what's "light" to you... This scent may be a bit too powdery for everyone's taste, so keep it on the shelf for a date, formal event or job interview.

I wouldn't wear it on warm days, though, as the heat makes the scent much thicker, and the B. Não ficou bem na minha pele, quem tem peles que fecham as fragrâncias pensem duas vezes antes de comprar esse. Update 26/8/2014: saya sedikit terkejut karna barusan membeli 1 botol sexy men lagi dan lagi (total sudah 4 botol xixixi) dan ternyata notes nya berubah.... 212 Sexy Men has gone down significantly in price over the last year and can easily be picked up for under and makes a great alternative or complimentary option to Le Male when something more subtle or organic is called for.

Vanillanya lembut, gak terlalu manis, enak, cewek pasti suka deket2. Dipake di ruangan kantor ber-AC siang hari juga masih cocok. gw kehabisan kata2 mau jelasin gimana lagi about nih scent! If you like vanilla, you will enjoy this thoroughly.

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I Just bought last friday and I dont think i will ever buy buy it again and its also a clone of JPG le male. He's a confident guy, so I think it helps this cologne really work. I definitely tried this perfume before I'm sure of it, there's so many 212 Flankers now it's a little hard to keep track.

It was blind buy, remembering I used to love the 212 back in the late 90's or early 2000, when it came up, but this one doesn't really reminds me the original version at all; it could've been named differently, for me is not a flanker since the smell is a totally different. I found more similarity to Rochas Man and not much with JPG. It is very recognizable and unique enough that I can pick it out in a crowd. If you wanted to create a Sexy version of 212 this would certainly be how you'd go about it, much warmer than the original and a generally sweeter, more cozy, oriental feel to the whole thing.

It's an awesome honeymoon because periodically vanilla gets invited for a threesome but does not keep up to well. After 3-4 hours I can smell the soft vanilla scent. Not good if you want to smell good at the moment you sprayed it on. At 47 years old, it seems a little young for me nowadays. I think that this scent is safe, not so heavy, and girls really like it.

Finally everything begins to fade out and tommorow is almost ready to begin. 7 out of 10 Hit in the face with vanilla and citrus and o like... Yes I agree with those that say it has a BO, It does, but its not a Major BO, I'm not sure which note causes the BO but thos scent is a lil cheapish smells exactly like Sadie Rollon. I am using it to the office and for special moments too.

Masalah utama parfum ini di longevity nya, tapi krn aromanya enak masih bisa dipertimbangkan lah buat tambah koleksi. mungkin, ini adalah scent vanilla terbaik yg pernah saya koleksi di samping JPG gaultier 2. After several years later I decided to acquire 212 Sexy Men, I found this fragrance AMAZING. a real masculine fragrance deep aroma which is best during the fall and winter days.

The notes that I'm able to pick up as soon as I spray it is mandarin orange as well cardamom. am not big fan for vanilla but this one is magic very pure and the touch of musk & amber very magic in dry down..good mix sillage moderate longevity is very good well done Carolina Since I bought this cologne, my friends and mom said that I smells good.

JPG Le Male Heavy chili/ spicy notes and you get 212 Sexy Men. This is by no means sexy and if you're looking to offend people, wear this. That first spray is strong and mixed with powerful emotions like an angry orange eating a flower on a suede blanket with baby powder being sprinkled around..and maybe a drop or two of vanilla oil. So saying that i'd buy this for someone I really didn't care for. from time to time it´s good it really reminds me the smoothness of original Le Male this is the best men fragrance from Carolina Herrera. Hell yeah it makes you feel sexy just like it's name. Sillage: 5/10 interestingly it performs a little better when in motion. No but I know people who love it and it works well on them so take it with a grain of salt.

I was really hoping this one would be good considering Carolina Herrera is my favorite designer and she hasnt let me down until now. After the dust clears up this is where my skin goes bi-polar and the powder and vanilla begin to compete for attention. It smells fresh from start to finish, not floral, but something cooling, like it's ice or toothpaste.

I also understand the comparisons with Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male, but the mint makes "The Male" a much lighter scent, while 212 Sexy is very thick, in my opinion. So....while I might not be a fan, I guess I am a fan. The vanilla works as a filter from which all the other notes are drowned out except for traces of exotic woods in the dry-down and the warming amber, light floral touch and fragments of sour citrus that are deeply embedded in the mixture.

I love the former, but can totally live without the latter. ;) Don't get me wrong, I'm not finding it obnoxious. As some guys have commented, on ourselves we tend to smell a body odor or curry powder (although to me it's just a slightly off funk), but,'s not always about what we smell on ourselves, right? The vanilla in 212 Sexy Men is beautifully done, it just seems much closer to the real thing than almost any other vanilla based fragrance on the market.

My 212 Sexy Men rating: Projection/Sillage: 6/10 (1 hour); Longevity: 7/10 (6-7 hours); Versatility: 6/10 (casual, date, cold weather - never wear it in the heat); Scent: 6/10; Overall: 6/10. It very similar to Le Male which like but got bored of it so needed something different but have the same vibe. This is great for late fall, winter and early spring and in my view works really well as a work or casual fragrance because it isn't so overwhelming or overpowering and though a bit powdery, there's a subtle balance to it that is uplifting and warming at the same time.