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Just a few weeks later, in July, she received another letter saying she was no longer entitled to benefits and she must go on a work training course.

The family appealed and the decision was overturned.

She has had benefits taken away because welfare officials say she is fit enough to work Mrs White and her late husband Michael (pictured on their wedding day, right) were believed to be the first Thalidomide victims in Britain to get married.

She now needs a carer to help her carry out simple tasks But despite her disabilities the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has written to Mrs White saying she will lose her her £110 a week Employment and Support Allowance as she cannot prove she is unfit to work.'If I was to get a job I would need my carer to go with me full time.

But last October she was re-contacted by the DWP and told once again she should not be claiming benefits.

A further appeal was rejected, although she can still continue claiming £154 a week in Disability Living Allowance.

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