When she told me this story, I wondered aloud if Mr.

I remember inwardly praying like a small child, ‘Please, please, don’t let it be him.’ ” The dating service’s perfect match was a very large man in khaki shorts, a soiled tee-shirt, and rubber flip flops, with a bushy beard down to his waist and two teeth missing.

His tardiness provided the perfect excuse for Annie’s claiming another pressing appointment and leaving posthaste.

One 50-something woman Annie knows was a superb ballroom dancer, but dropped dance completely after a bitter divorce.

Last year, she took some inexpensive tango lessons at a community center, met a charming man who also loved to dance, and the two have been tripping the light fantastically ever since.

A consultant in the human resources industry, where she specialized in executive coaching, career transitions, and sales and leadership training, she finally decided to seek out romance when she turned 50 – and promptly made every mistake in the book! I had terrible experiences with amateur on-line sites.

I attended all the wrong mixers and singles groups, where I had nothing in common with anyone there.” You Don’t Have To Kiss Frogs – Unless You Want To She recalls one particularly unappetizing encounter with a man a supposedly reputable dating service hand-picked for her.

Her average client, though, combines the sterling ethics of Gordon Gekko with the tender conscience of Cruella de Vil and the pleasing personality of Hannibal Lecter.

“There are firms down here in Florida which actually brag about matching ‘millionaire men’ with ‘supermodel women,’ ” Annie says.

That is fabulous news, of course, for someone like Annie Robbins, who makes her living counseling and aiding those looking for “significant others.” But it’s also terrific news for Boomers themselves.