I figured out some solutions for the problems which windows users face while installing this application as web server.

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Always try to copy exising files before making changes instead of outright renaming them.

This way, if something goes wrong with the new configuration, we still have the original handy to start over..

The last time I posted a tutorial on Nginx, there wasn’t a native port of the server available.

Riez Opuz posted a link to his Xenstack project on that post that prompted me to write the rest of what I’ve been putting off.

After replacing $t_lang_var = ereg_replace( ‘^TLS_’, ”, $t_var ); With $t_lang_var = preg_replace( ‘/^TLS_/’, ”, $t_var ); Its giving me the successful Testlinkinstallation screen too, but on clicking the link to start testlink its giving me the following error Parse error: parse error in D:\Program_Files\wamp\www\testlink\lib\functions\lang_on line 173 can you please give me solution to it I did a registry clean up and reinstalled it again and it worked 🙂 . @Sasidhar :yes have to be very careful regarding the quotes initially i just copy pasted the line but then i realised the secong argument is two single quotes and not a double quote. Registry clean-up first and the installation worked for me. but i didn’t found the parameter $g_interface_bugs = ‘no’; in the custom_php file How can i do this. See details on file: C:\wamp\www\testlink\logs\config_ To disable any reference to these checkings, set $tl Cfg-config_check_warning_mode = ‘SILENT’; In this file also i didn’t found the mentioned parameter to type SILENT 3. What should be the url to be given for the rest of the users. As i am completely new to this type of installations.

@Srikanth : Can u please help me installing bugzilla ? I am getting the below error if i click on a test case at the time of execution Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘ADODB_sql.class.php’ (include_path=’.; C:\php5\pear;.; C:\wamp\www\testlink\lib\functions\; C:\wamp\www\testlink\third_party\’) in C:\wamp\www\testlink\lib\functions\on line 94 Please help me regarding this what i have to do Hi during installation testlink, I am getting below: Fatal error: Call to undefined function report Fatal() in D:\Program Files\wamp\www\testlink\lib\functions\database.on line 193 Please suggest.

Extract the data tables and data inside the tables (using SQL restore) on this database.

Both these SQL files can be found inside the test link folder that you’ve extracted.

Test Link setup will now attempt to setup the database: Creating connection to Database Server: Failed!

Please check the database login details and try again.

If you want to minimize the folder even more, you can optionally delete any files.