Not everyone is going to suffer from too much Vitamin D and enough people seem to benefit from it (at least in the short term) that it’s not going to ring any alarm bells for many years.

After all, it took about 3 decades for us to realize that high dose calcium supplementation was causing heart disease and soft tissue calcification when not properly balanced with magnesium.

Cod liver oil is also a good source of vitamin K – which is important in maintaining blood and bone health.

Vitamin D requires magnesium in order to be converted to its active form.

Therefore, the more Vitamin D you take, the more magnesium you need.

Do your research before taking high dose Vitamin D.

Google the benefits AND the dangers before you make a decision.

As Adrian Gombart Ph D, Oregon State University, Dept.

of Biochemistry & Biophysics writes: “Vitamin D prevents the “adaptive” immune response from over-reacting and reduces inflammation, and appears to suppress the immune response.What could Vitamin D be responding to and what do the low levels indicate? Vitamin D is really a hormone with a feedback loop to calcium.When the body has enough calcium less Vitamin D is required and the levels drop.If you are not getting adequate magnesium, then you may get additional, or worsening symptoms when you supplement with Vitamin D (since it also uses up magnesium).You may become constipated, get muscle cramps, heart problems, etc.We take them first thing in the morning, with breakfast, and then we’re good for the day.