The Gnostics did not require the intervention of a Priest to know God, as they became their own conduit for God’s revelation.

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Misanthropic NEET Kazuma Sato's day went from bad to worse when he left the safety of his messy apartment to purchase a limited edition copy of a new game and got (almost) hit by a tractor.

Aqua doesn't have much sympathy for his sacrifice, though - in fact, she can't stop laughing about the fact that he pissed himself while dying, and gleefully describes how his family is now also laughing about his death.

In retaliation, when Kazuma is told he can choose to reincarnate in a magical world and bring one thing with him, he chooses Aqua as his thing, condemning both of them to a lifetime of drudgery or a quick and bloody attempt to defeat the demon king.

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