The OWA virtual directory can be secured using different authentication settings depending on the network environment.

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Like what I’ve said earlier, the bug will prevent the user from making any changes on the root Business Unit.

In doing so, you will get an error message as shown below.

You will notice that three settings were specified in the command.

This is because Basic, Integrated, and Digest Authentication can be enabled concurrently so that the OWA virtual directory supports multiple authentication methods.

But from the CRM rules, a root Business Unit should have no Parent Business Unit.

There are two ways to resolve this problem: one is through custom Java Script, and another is by simple customizations. Create a Java Script web resource file and name it c.

User might accidentally put a value in the Parent Business field in the root Business Unit which is not ideal.

It may be possible for short term resolution and for people who are more familiar with customizations than scripting.

Using the Exchange Management Console navigate to Server Configuration -Paul is a Microsoft MVP for Office Servers and Services.