She has also starred in two Fox series, Tru Calling and Dollhouse. Her father is Albanian and her mother is of Danish and English descent.

Jennette didn't pull punches -- admitting she only heard about the guy after he repeatedly chose her as his "Woman Crush Wednesday" on Twitter -- and eventually agreed to talk to Drummond because he "seemed like a big deal."Jennette says they had some early conversations that "gave [her] pause" but she decided to go out on some dates with him anyway. the shapes weren't right."Still, they continued to hang out, Mc Curdy says ...

Mc Curdy then describes their first kiss -- which went down after a laser tag date -- saying, "It just didn't go great ... and he was so into her, he bought her a necklace and got down on his knees during a dinner date and asked her to be his GF. only to break up with him on the phone a few days later. Mc Curdy seems to be laughing at Drummond the entire time -- painting him as this pathetic, immature guy who doesn't have a clue about how to court a woman.

Dushku came to the attention of casting agents at the age of 10.

She was chosen after a five month search for the lead role as Alice in the film, That Night.

Mother son bonding: The 44-year-old actress pictured with her 11-year-old son Donovan in LA in May 2013; he approached his mom about her incident when someone at school saw the story aired and asked him about it ‘It's after bedtime, it's during the week and it's really not meant for that demographic.

But we talked about it and I said, “It can be a dangerous world and that's why mommy is very protective of you.”’Charisma added: ‘I’ve had so many blessings and bigger and better things have happened to me that have overshadowed that night.

He was also part of the regular cast for USA Network's Necessary Roughness which premiered in 2011.

Blucas married journalist, Ryan Haddon in July 2009.

Blucas was born in Pennsylvania to parents, Mary Catherine and Walter Joseph Blucas.

He became the star player on the Girard High School basketball team.

In July, Drummond began professing his feelings for Mc Curdy, who has played a starring role in the popular Nickelodeon show i Carly as well as been a successful country music artist.