the weather conditions can impact wind/PV generation and household consumption, simultaneously.

Recently, for integrating the large-scale wind power, a probabilistic MOTP model equipped with risk-control strategies is developed by [] to conduct the distributed energy resources (DERs) impacts on distribution systems.

Till now, the uncertainties faced by the TRANSCO are normally considered as independent factors, however, immersed in the future smart grid surroundings, as a profit chasing commercial player, an extra pressure for the TRANSCO is to fully understand the high correlations among these uncertainty diversities hidden in the transmission planning process to flexibly balance the intermittent recourses and stochastic consumptions.

The issue has come up with the recent lawsuit by former University of Southern California football coach Steve Sarkisian, who charged that the university had violated state law and “kicked him to the curb” by refusing to accommodate his alcoholism and terminating his employment in October 2015.

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“You can't single out an employee and say, "We'll test you every week' “ when others are not tested, said Ms. But employers can test employees for cause if, for instance, a worker reports with blood-shot eyes and slurred speech, Ms.

abatement and results in a relatively high penetration of renewable energy generation in the transmission system.

From the last decade, numerous literatures and projects have already been carried out to demonstrate the feasible solutions to reduce CO] to trade off the maximum profit with adaptive carbon emission for a generating unit combining with proper coordination of generation schedule, CCS schedule and market bidding strategies.

Alternative energy production could be highly efficient energy resources or more environmental energy conversions, in which renewable energy is leading this role for CO].

The feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed uncertainty-averse MPMOTP model have been verified by the IEEE 24-bus test system.

reduction has already become the most significant concern involved in the decision making process within the multi-layer architecture of electricity generation, trading, transmission and distribution, even in the retail aspect, respectively dominated by generation companies (GENCOs), market operator (MO), transmission companies (TRANSCOs), distribution companies (DISCOs) and retailers.

For maintaining system reliability and security, the transmission company (TRANSCO) has to make strategic planning to handle the uncertainty challenges from the intermittent renewable energy resources.