Who would not be attracted by this new model of Peace Economics?The new Silk Road also President Xi Jinpings OBI One Belt Initiative, formerly known as The One Belt One Road (OBOR) an economic development program spanning the entire super-Continent of Eurasia and North Africa, from Vladivostok to Lisbon, and from Shanghai to Hamburg.They realize the future is in Asia, in the East, much of it represented by this gigantic promising New Silk Road.

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Obliteration of livelihoods for generations to come? It is well-understood that such leaders are put in place not by elections, but by fraud why do we not throw them out?

For nothing else but gluttony, for insane accumulation of material goods and power? Why do we bend over still believing in the lies of democracy if in the back of our minds a little spark of conscience tells us exactly that we are being betrayed by our governments, not once, not twice but ALL THE TIME? Is falsehood tolerable for the comfort of not moving out of our armchairs, out of the cushioned blue-pilled matrix, where we would have to face our own reality that of having lived a life of lies for most of our existence?

Century technology, as China calls it, also comes with financing to promote basic needs, such as urban planning, water supply, sanitation, food production and distribution.

The old axiom of comparative production advantages will be applied in an open market of equals among equals, already begun under the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), signed by Presidents Putin and Xi in May 2015, and rapidly expanding westward.

The Road encompasses land route development from Central China to Central Asia, Iran, Syria, Turkey, Greece, Eastern Europe construction of ports and coastal infrastructure from Southeast Asia to East Africa and the Mediterranean.

In fact, OBI was initiated by President Xi in 2013 and is already well under way.They, these triangle-framed one-eyed underground beasts have to live in secrecy, in darkness. When the Akkadians overthrew the Sumerian civilization, where women had their natural initiating roles and were equals to men. Lets be clear nobody is to be wished death; not the murderers of the Pentagon, or of the CIA, NSA, FBI not the slaughterers of the Military Industrial Complex nor the financial assassins of the FED, Wall Street, nor the whores of the mainstream propaganda killer fake news. In the meantime, let them live and drown in their own self-made swamp, or rather their suffocating cesspool of sewer.There is a new economic paradigm waiting in the wings, offered by China and Russia, an Economy of Peace.More likely privately FED, Wall Street created fiat money, pyramid money, based on usury and debt, subjugating debt to be pillaged from the ordinary citizens; but government debt never to be repaid, as per Alan Greenspan (FED Chairman, 1987-2006) to an exasperated journalist who asks, when will the US ever pay back its huge debt? Is living in deception the illusion that keeps ultra-capitalism alive?That leads us to ever higher grounds of avarice ending in all-destructive fascism? Why do we tolerate such atrocities imposed by one nation no longer worthy of the term nation destructions of entire countries, civilizations, the cradle of western history?Several routes were considered including routes with onshore segments through Finland and Sweden.