I was sent a seven page Form 4564 listing all the documents required for the audit.

I must also fill out Forms 9209, 92 providing appropriate certified translations of each document.

They want proof of our Israeli residency, which is in Hebrew.

I really have been depressed and distraught over this whole affair.

I believe that it caused my acute appendicitis, which occurred three days after receiving the notification of this audit. I turned to the Tax Advocate Service for assistance and they requested that the IRS carry out a limited/focused audit instead of the all-inclusive compliance research exam. After that, the Advocate said they could not help me any more and closed my file.

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They had been positively linked to the Saturday morning killings and faced charges of murder, malicious damage to property, violation of a grave, and possession of unlicensed firearm and ammunition. A 9mm firearm, believed to be one of the weapons used to kill the two deceased, was confiscated.

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