Get off on Avenida Beira Mar facing the beach and bargain with the over dozen hotels clustered nearby.

If you have more money to spend then head to upmarket Praia do Futuro a couple miles away.

While Brazil features more frequently than any other country, the deadliest place in the world in 2015 was Caracas, the Venezuelan capital, a city of 3.3 million people which recorded 3,946 homicides in 2015 - equivalent to nearly 120 per 100,000 residents.

So what I ended up doing was starting all the way up north in Fortaleza and in a month’s time worked my way down to Rio (traveling around 1,700 miles by bus). Fortaleza: A large, plain city with several decent beaches to choose from.

If you’re on a budget then head to the sketchy Praia de Iracema beach, which has rooms starting at 55 R$ (divide numbers in Brazilian by the exchange rate, which as of this writing is around 1.72).

Some 41 of the worst cities are in Latin America, with cities in Mexico, Colombia, El Salvador and Guatamala all being including.

Much of the region's violence is attributed to drug trafficking, gang wars and corruption.

Definitely Rio de Janeiro, maybe São Paulo and Florianopolis.

If you come to Brazil chances are those are the cities you’ll visit first. Besides Amazon jungle tours or a visit to Iguazu falls, it’s not obvious where to go if you want to dig deeper into Brazil.

The capital city took the top spot from San Pedro Sula, in Honduras, which has taken first place for the past four years Gangsters: An imprisoned member of street gang Mara 18 at the Izalco prison, in San Salvador in May 2013.

Drugs trafficking and street gangs are blamed for the high levels of violence in Latin America Journalist Sonia Nazari told the U. Congress last year how 'people are found hacked apart, heads cut off, skinned alive', and described hijackers who thought little of slaughtering a bus full of people if they didn't hand over their money quick enough.

Baltimore, the scene of riots last year after a black man, Freddie Gray, died in police custody, was the 19th most violent city.