So it was a surprise when she had a knock on her bedroom door. She was surprised who her visitor was, but not at the greeting she got.

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You can't date Kanji or Yosuke, so that leaves you with just the girls. Links obviously, but I doubt you could date all 3 of them at the same time, so what are the benefits, if any? And the point of mentioning you can't date the boys is because Persona games have allowed it in the past, and with seeing as how close you are with Yosuke (regardless of the fact he's stuck on Saki.) and the whole Kanji ordeal it's unnerving to not be able to date either of them.

Chie took that to mean that she really stepped into it as Yukiko celebrated with Chie ever since they became friends. She tried reading a magazine, watch a kung fu movie, box and kick with her large training bag, play a video game… She was so upset about hurting Yukiko that she hadn't left her house for the last two days and Yu had decided not to come over after he gave up trying to console her.

What hurt Chie the most was that her birthday on July 30th had come and gone without so much as a peep from Yukiko.

He would have had an easier time convincing his uncle not to slap Adachi too much.

Yu tried where he could to broker, if not peace, then at least a dialogue between the three.

"But you said Yosuke was hurt…""Yeah…because he thought after you two being friends and fighting together against the Shadows…you would have given him the benefit of the doubt.

Chie…Yosuke is a good person deep down…Surely you knew that…""So I guess he was hurt…because I judged a book by its cover.""Yes…"Chie digested everything Yukiko had said. Telling her that she was wrong to spy on her…to try to get in the way (even though Chie sort of disputed that yelling was an actual interference, honor demanded that was the only conclusion…) of her friend's relationship. hadn't it happened because she had inadvertently hurt Yukiko in the first place. Chie had had the right to choose her boyfriend…Who said Yukiko should not…? " He said."Well, I'm sorry, but you weren't clear on PURPOSE!

Dating Naoto and choosing the right dialogue options gets you a new costume for her (her schoolgirl outfit)Dating Rise gives you a pretty good Christmas item that gives you an extra 50% SPDating Marie gets you some extra dialogue in a few scenes, particularly the ending.