Since I was a child, I was very outgoing and an excessive talker. “People say dance is not a part of our culture, but at the same time enjoy watching Katrina Kaif doing ' Chikni Chameli' but don’t want to see Mehwish Hayat doing ' Billi.' That’s a bit twisted! There are a host of reasons for it such as lack of resources, budgets, technology ...

People would tell me ‘you need to shut up, you talk too much.’ I have always been stubborn to a point that so if I make up my mind about something, I usually end up getting it.” “I don’t have many pictures of my parents, just one or two. My father is my biggest inspiration.” I asked if she misses them.“They are within me. our film industry is still in the nascent stage.” She takes a sip of her juice. In our film industry, there is a concept that we share with Bollywood — it is believed than only a male actor can sell a film.

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She has style sense and has evolved as an actor in a short time.

People look up to her as a fashion icon, people want to copy her hair colour and lip colour.” N-Pro’s Tabish Khoja’s words pretty much sum up Sohai Ali Abro’s short and fast ascent to stardom.

She is comfortable in her own skin, different from others.

Not easy to work with because she has a mind of her own.

Going up the flight of stairs to photographer Umair Bin Nisar’s studio where we were to meet, I heard ' Panda' playing by Desiigner. “I express myself best through dance, if I am happy I want to dance and if I am sad I want to dance. When I choose my roles I always see if there is substance in my roles.

There she was doing the moves, cigarette in one hand and a pinkish apple, beetroot and carrot juice in a takeaway plastic container in the other. I was quite a tomboy and I played Edmund Dantes in . a man born in Larkana, grew up in Pannu Aqil, worked for the UN when he passed away. He was a fighter and I want to be like him.“My mother suffered from renal failure but even through her days of dialysis she managed us. I was the child who would be dancing right in front at “People say dance is not a part of our culture, but at the same time enjoy watching Katrina Kaif doing ' Chikni Chameli' but don’t want to see Mehwish Hayat doing ' Billi.' That’s a bit twisted! I want to know what changes my role brings to the story. There is a fine line between sexy and vulgar, elegant and trashy.” She twitches her nose.Fatah was an NDP candidate in the 1995 provincial election but was unsuccessful. In July 2006, he left the NDP to support Bob Rae's candidacy for the Liberal Party of Canada's leadership.In an opinion piece published in Toronto's Now Magazine, Fatah wrote that he decided to leave the NDP because of the establishment of a "faith caucus" which he believes will open the way for religious fundamentalists to enter the party.The difficultly for me was to jump on that train and find myself a seat so, yes, I was scared as an actor. [the fans who have made me who I am today] I can’t cheat them by doing a sloppy job.”But women are much more empowered now than they used to be, right? “In the first take They would say these are your lines, this is your scene, this is what we want, now you can do it just the way you want. If I can’t convince myself, how can I convince the audience? I would be Zoya from the film,” and she begins to reel off her lines from the film. I’m an emotional person.” How important is it for an actor to be emotional? If you have 20 scenes in a day and you were supposed to be low in all of them and almost in tears, by the end of the day you will be exhausted because of the stress you felt all day. “That’s my motto in life,” she says, taking a deep puff of her cigarette. But when Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar , who I respect very much, called me up and said ‘you will do this one for me’ I agreed to it.” She smiles. In Pakistan, women have to work even harder because actresses have an expiry date on their screen life. “Hi guys, what’s up MA MA ...” You have to become that person for the audience to believe it. To snap out of that is difficult,” she says snapping her fingers. Run-of-the-mill work is disappointing because it shows that the filmmaker didn’t fulfil his responsibility. "I am an Indian born in Pakistan, a Punjabi born in Islam; an immigrant in Canada with a Muslim consciousness, grounded in a Marxist youth.