The software gathers information from gatherer.and I could see that many people are looking for Mt G Database for MTG online shops, personal websites or applications. - Get a MWS Text Spoiler for home-made sets, as long as the original CSV file is correctly formated for Gatherer Extractor - Get card scans in the language of your choice, and in the format of your choice (original, fullscan, cropped), and save them on your computer.

The source website can be chosen by the users, so that are accessible low quality scans from the Gatherer, and semi-HQ scans from (English only) - Compile a Spoiler List text file for Magic Workstation.

updating gatherer database-56

April 2016 Legality updates […] Both apps have been fully updated with recent changes including Dragons of Tarkir: Added expansion — Dragons of Tarkir.

With the release of the Comp Rules update, both apps have now been fully updated for Khans of Tarkir: Added expansion — Khans of Tarkir. Legality updates for September 2014 format rotation.

Nevertheless, you'd better add the .../Gatherer Extractor/data/file.

This file contains all information about Mt G sets.

Very useful to get a clean and bug-free spoiler text with correct formating.

------------------------------ REQUIREMENTS ------------------------------ - OS : Windows XP, Vista, Seven, 8, 10. NET 4 If you don't have it installed on your computer, please download it for free at: Including it will prevent the user from keyboarding all set codes (internal and from Magic and all released dates.Note that when an additional set is available (from gatherer or, the program send you an alert to invite you to keyboard the corresponding codes.This is mandatory if you want exportation to xlsx format to work properly.If you don't have it installed on your computer, please download it for free at: The name of the folder created to store card scans is the code you decide in the 2nd column of the code editor.