11, the same day that the team will retire Paul Pierce’s number.

The Cavaliers guard had originally declined a tribute when the Cavs visited on Jan.

The playoffs have been even more lopsided with the Celtics having had their season end at the hands of the Cavaliers in two of the past three seasons.

Since the Boston Celtics won the NBA Championship last June, everyone has been waiting in anticipation to see what type of bling they would receive on opening night.

We talked last week about how Tony Allen got his ring fitted for his pinky and last night about the ceremony itself.

“That’s what everybody is excited about, the basketball world,” Terry Rozier said of the Cavs matchup. It’s gonna be a fun game.” Marcus Morris added, “They’re playing well, we’re playing well.

Isaiah Thomas finally gave in to a growing outcry tonight and requested that the Celtics not hold a video tribute for him on Feb. He put a lot of blood, sweat and tears in this organization, and capitalized and had good results.

The ring was made by Intergold, a company based out of Calgary in Alberta, Canada.

Founded in 1980, Intergold has set themselves apart from the rest.

Boston will receive the 2018 Lakers pick owned by Philadelphia currently, so long as that pick is between Nos. If that ends up being the top pick or lower than five, the Sixers keep it and the Celtics will receive a 2019 first rounder.

That first round pick will be either the 2019 Kings selection or the 2019 Sixers selection, whichever one is the higher pick, with one very important protection.

And with that being said, it was an across-the-board, Bill Belichickian moment with everyone associated with the Celtics seemingly on to the next game, against the Cavaliers.