In fact, the only time we truly see her look “helpless” is after Scarlet Witch’s vision kicks in, and Thor and Cap are in the same boat.

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The two characters share a quiet moment in the quinjet afterwards where Widow tries to connect with him about the battle, and then there’s some major flirting on her part during the big victory party.

It makes him challenge Widow’s feelings for him, telling her that he can’t trust himself not to Hulk-out and hurt her, and that he’s so self-destructive there’s no way he could ever have a truly healthy relationship.

There’s the normal stuff, too—the emotions, the trust issues, the connections—all of which are heightened tenfold.

And then there’s the damage—the emotional and psychological quirks and flaws that go hand-in-hand with a savior mentality.

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While captured, she cobbles together a transmission system to send a code to her partner, which is how the Avengers even know where to find her (and Ultron.) She rides around on a motorcycle () and is instrumental in helping Cap hijack the case carrying Vision.

the kind of relationship that involves a lullaby and a few tender touches, all of which apparently help the Hulk transform safely back into normal, nerdy Bruce Banner.

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