If they continue to abuse drugs and alcohol there is no way they will be able to avoid being violent.Are too many of us perhaps too fast to yell, "Hang ’em from the highest tree," when we hear about abuse?Whether you are looking for love, sex or dating, Bo M is a great place to start and in many cases, a place to end as well.

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However, in my experience this approach is not potent enough.

Intensive individual psychotherapy with group therapy is what I recommend. Many of those who commit these verbally and physically violent acts are extremely depressed and very impulsive.

If necessary, the police should be called and the abuser arrested in those cases that warrant such action.

The individual who is abusive needs to be in psychotherapy, very possibly with medication treatment.

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There are medications that can help dampen the depression anger and impulsiveness.

It goes without saying that those who are abusive when they are drunk or high on drugs need to enter intensive drug and alcohol treatment centers to get the kind of help they need.

Again, understanding why something happens does not mean that the survivors of this individual’s behavior should remain with him or her.