In one Twitter post she wrote: “Strippers making 100k a year & driving your dream car & here you are struggling because you got morals.” [Sic] When people lashed out, she supported her previous comment by adding: “Don’t think people got my last quote. Kiss my stripper ass.” In Chantelle's last scenes before leaving Geordie Shore, Gaz Beadle was heard yelling to her to "go back to her pole".

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I think it's right that people have their say.” The mob film — if it gets “made” — will star John Travolta, whose elastic career just got a big bounce from the FX series “The People v. “I’ve done a bunch of stuff, but this will be my biggest thing,” Connolly said of the “Gotti” movie.

Simpson: American Crime Story," where he played power lawyer Robert Shapiro.

Connolly praises his Anansi editor, poet Ken Babstock, for his keen judgment, and he’s similarly sanguine when asked how his editing career informs his own writing: “For a writer, it certainly doesn’t hurt to look, with care and intelligence, at other people’s work.

You can read a book by Karen Solie and be inspired by it.

She made her announcement on Twitter, and wrote: "Fame and money isn’t everything… " The Sun Online had previously revealed that she had stormed off set during filming in Kavos and returned to Newcastle to reunite with her on/off boyfriend Tommy Sayers.

A show insider told us: “Chantelle’s heart hasn’t been in it since the cast started filming the new series.

It's a history that she's proud of, and said on the show: "I'm a stripper I flash my g*** for twenty cash!

" However, she has frequently been forced to defend her past after she was confronted by cruel trolls who took exception to how she used to make a living.

With fellow York grad and playwright Jason Sherman, he co-founded the now-defunct Toronto literary quarterly , which published from 1985 to 1993. of its day, albeit more low-rent, scrappy, and iconoclastic. There were some younger people just starting to produce things, but the older crowd ceased to be interested in local writing – they were all busy becoming famous novelists.” Sherman and Lynn Crosbie then became part of the Coach House editorial board, and, in 1995, the press brought out Connolly’s first book, the surrealist hired Connolly as a full-time editor and writer in 1998, and he produced poetry, theatre, and food columns.