"Facebook is emerging as the world's largest dating site," says Julie Spira, online dating expert. It's called social dating and it's here to stay." Meeting on Facebook and social dating tips Spira says: "From typing in their name in a search, to looking up former college sweethearts, and chatting with friends-of-friends while at an airport, singles are meeting on Facebook." But despite the ease of connections, Spria advocates caution."Start off by listing your relationship status as 'Single'on your profile. Before you start friending potential mates on Facebook, start by checking their relationship status.Other mobile apps are on the Top 10 Mobile Dating Apps list." Here is what she suggests: I don't do online dating anymore (after trying it and finding it truly wasn't for me).

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Despite questions as to whether or not technology is ruining romance and contributing to the demise of the love letter, posed by Psychology Today blogger, Azadeh Aalai, Ph.

D., professor of psychology at Montgomery College, social dating is on the rise.

Dear Romantic, It’s no secret that this stage of life is a tough one!

Sean Perron and Spencer Harmon, along with their wives, Jenny and Taylor, have written you several letters to guide you through this season of dating—each one is short, practical, and relevant, and contains discussion questions to help you apply it even more personally.

I felt trapped dating someone who couldn't take control of her life, and the patterns kept repeating. Delaney is now the official spokesperson for all people everywhere who struggle with depression.

I eventually ended the relationship, which was the right decision for me, but she was crushed. Do you have any advice for dating someone with depression? "This guy went above and beyond, motivated by his obvious love for this woman and his decency as a person," Delaney continued.

Online dating may simply not suit a particular individual's temperament and/or preferences, and can even result in deleterious consequences for some (not to mention the safety concerns in general).

Avoiding online dating may be far more appropriate (or even necessary) for some.

While I loved this woman, for much of the relationship she was, to varying degrees, depressed. I encouraged her to explore the benefits of a fulfilling and GGG relationship, but our sex life faltered because of the depression and her low libido.

I tried to be as helpful and patient as possible, with the hope and expectation that she would get better. I kept helping and waiting, but she was simply unable to assert herself to make healthy changes (both physical and mental). "And not only 'the' right thing, but a series of right things." Delaney's book is a collection of personal essays—most of them hilarious—in which he writes about his own struggle with depression so crippling, it almost took his life.

Noting that "the new world of social dating presents the opportunity to put one's best digital foot forward and find a partner and mate in a crowded and confusing marketplace,' Spira outlines the social dating blend: "You don't have to do it all, but the options for meeting continue to grow," she notes. tells us "Indeed, experts have asserted that technology has completely degraded what constitutes romance today (Heussner, 2010).