We would like to commend Sam and the company for the truly excellent work they carry out.

Thanks for making this day even more unforgettable for us!

In Denmark we found a place where we could be us without fear. Her service was very good and she always responded our email quickly.

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After some research, we found that many couples in our situation decide to marry in Denmark given how easy it is there.

Clare from Getting Married in Denmark helped us enormously from the moment we started considering Denmark as an option.

We are an international gay couple (USA-Hungary) and we just got married in Denmark. Sam, our coordinator, was always quick to respond to my (many) questions, and helped us every step of the way.

From explaining which documents we needed, to arranging our wedding date in Copenhagen, and finally with the Apostille service after we got married.

Once we started talking with Samantha Hicks, the obstacles began to fall away, and we saw much smoother sailing with her knowledge and guidance.

Even when we left South Africa and found ourselves enroute to Denmark without the required documents (I take full responsibility lol), Sam saved the day by helping us reschedule and figure out how to have the docs in hand to proceed with our wedding!

Everyone is different and there can be many variations and issues with everyones documents, don’t worry.

We will try our best to work any issues out and find the best solutions for you, even if you are missing some required documents, we still may be able help you.

Priority Weddings and Current Customers: Feel free to whatsapp us anytime to give us a heads up on urgent matters or to let us know you have sent us an urgent email.

Please note, to keep our service efficient and prevent confusion, we will usually reply to you to let you know that we will get back to you through email so that our work with you and your information stays consistent and in one place so that we can refer to it easily at any time during your time using our service.

Thank you again 🙂We are very thankful for the wonderful experience we had with Getting Married in Denmark!