It seems that, for some reason, the formatting of the Package installation failed: There was an error installing the requested package.

error occurred while updating program modules-59error occurred while updating program modules-2

(Cannot create directory as it already exists) I have to think this is an issue with how the update in WP 4.4 via ftp is completing the updates.

It is obviously failing to remove the directory (Even with full permissions granted to everyone and trying all users and groups) If one can roll back a version and the updates work but then move to the latest WP and they do not (Leaving all permissions the same) would this not be an issue with 4.4 not removing existing directory and files during the update.

For a list of reserved error codes, see Error table.

Community content may be also be available for some Windows Installer error messages.

Then download (not install) the desired theme/module, go back to the dashboard, choose "Themes"/"Modules" I "fixed" it but have no idea what really fixed it - I created a new Orchard site from webmatrix, ran the site, then opened the broken site in web matrix and ran the site, and I was able to see the gallery, and even able to install a module. Now, I went through and turned on everything for Web Management Tools and World Wide Web Services because I was missing several items.

I didn't have time to try this one at a time to figure out what one actually did it; but after turning these on; the error had finally went away and I could install themes.

The error codes detailed in this topic are returned by the Windows Installer, and have error codes of 1000 or greater.

The error codes numbered 1000 to 1999 are ship errors and must be authored into the Error table.

The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found. Messaging&version=1.3.0&source Id=1&redirect Url=/Packaging/Gallery/Modules Did the orchard project change the place where the gallery pulls from?

I go into the Requests section of Web Matrix, and it shows the request to grab the Messaging module: it says 302.0 Object Moved Path C:/Users/Rick/Documents/My Web Sites/Rick Hodder/Packaging/Packaging Services/Install Gallery GET Services/Install Gallery? I didnt make any changes to the machine, and I looked in the windows update log, and see nothing that might have change rights. I think the issue is that the URL is case-sensitive.

If the site is running in shared hosted environement, adding write access to these folders sometimes needs to be done manually through the Hoster control panel.