If your park has rowing boats then a gentle circuit of the lake could provide an exciting and fun experience.

Zoo Who does not go all gooey over little furry animals?

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Due to the wide range of pubs and restaurants available, there is a wide range and quality of foods on offer covering a broad range of budgets so this could be a good date for those with limited budgets or an opportunity to impress for those looking to push the boat out and enjoy top quality nosh in a gastro pub.

Restaurant For a more formal dining experience you might choose to eat at a restaurant or bistro.

Meeting someone for the first time on a date can be a stressful experience.

You will be conscious of wanting to make a good impression, and nervous that you might not meet your date's expectations.

It is worth checking when making your booking as this can add greatly to the enjoyment of the evening and give your date and yourself something to talk about.

Costs can vary greatly depending on the venue, quality and particular dishes that you select from the menu.

Parks, gardens and sculpture parks provide the opportunity to enjoy landscaped gardens, and art in an outdoor environment.

You could impress by preparing a picnic and sharing a bottle of wine with strawberries and cream beside a lake or pond.

A day out at the zoo will allow you to get to know your date in an interesting and varied environment, and give you plenty to look at and talk about as you roam the zoo grounds and look at the animals.